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Rug pads help avoids irreparable damage to the floor and protect the floor from dirt and corrosive debris that naturally accumulate under the rugs. The use of high-quality rug pads will prolong the service life, aesthetics, and strength of the rug, and play the role of daily wear resistance, which will ultimately reduce the quality of rugs in Dubai. In order to make the rug can be used for a long time, it is very important to choose the right carpet. Compared with rug maintenance, there are many advantages. The right footpad reduces foot fatigue and leg pain, encourages vacuuming by smoothing the rug, and helps protect the floor under the rug.

Benefits of using rug pads

  • Safety

The rug backing prevents the rug from moving while you continue to walk. The rug board is made of floor and stone texture. This is especially important if you place your nails on a smooth or hard surface (such as tile or hardwood). It is recommended to use a double-sided rug on rug underlay to improve the protection effect.

  • Cleanliness

Most floor mats have a ridge or mat to help catch dirt on your Rugs Dubai. These cracks and bumps will make the rug easier to move between the floor and the bottom. The lining is too good to prevent water from splashing under the floor or rug.

  • Increase the lifespan of your RUG

The backing increases the service life of the rug by preventing the rug from shifting and rubbing against the base, which generates a lot of friction, which in turn leads to premature aging of the rug. Putting a rug between the floor and the rug can reduce damage and keep the rug high.

  • Extended service life

The dirt accumulated under the rug will damage the floor over time. These minor scratches may scratch or wear the mat on the hardwood floor.

  • Inner Peace

rug mats provide a rougher surface for walking. It also helps to absorb noise. It is used to protect the lining of the rug, which can reduce the tangles of the rug.

  • Floor protection

High-quality service natural rug tiles provide lifetime protection for rugs and floors. We also used cushions under the rug to prevent heavy furniture legs from being chewed.

Some rugs may produce too much color during the weaving process, and these colors may be released due to pressure, footprint, or temperature changes. The mat acts as a cage to trap the dye and prevent it from reaching your circuit board.

  • Non-slip handle

Have you ever accidentally tried a rooftop room full of coffee flavor? You are not alone

Your insole is secured and protected by a rug pad without slippers. Both natural rubber linings make the rug very stable, and the rubber grooves hold it smoothly in place. It fixes the floor and rug to make everyone’s coffee travel safe.

  • Promote airflow

The padding allows the floor to breathe and allows air to circulate freely under the rug. Mold, mildew, and other harmful bacteria may multiply without proper air circulation. If left unchecked, mold and bacteria under the rug can cause discoloration, and in some cases severely damage the surface.

  • Protect the rug from water damage

The simple way to protect the rug from water damage is to place the rug backing board on top of the rug. This keeps the rug away from the area and limits the amount of moisture that may come into contact with the rug.

If damage is caused to the area of ​​the rug exposed to direct sunlight, we can remove the plastic lining and use rubber, cardboard, or even cardboard to attach the rug backing to the top of the rug. This prevents moisture from entering the rest of the rug.

  • Conclusion

Some people will argue that if the rug is not damaged, they will not be interested in the quality of the rug. However, the daily wear and tear of the rug will affect the overall appearance of the rug.

Even a single chip or scratch can ruin the appearance of the rug and leave tiny tears. In addition, once the mats are attached to the rug, one may find that they are too large to put down, and may require a vacuum to reach the required height.

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