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What is Uniclic Floor Dubai | UAE Carpets

What is Uniclic Floor Dubai | UAE Carpets

The Uniclic mounting system allows you to use two methods of fishing and fastening to hold Uniclic slabs, making it an ideal solution for covering floor systems for do-it-yourself systems. Before actual installation, please study and read the manufacturer’s printed and Complete Installation Instructions.

Flooring requires a unilic floor because flooring requires a traditional leather, cork, laminate, or hardwood floor installed without fabric or glue.

UAE flooring simplifies the installation and replacement of a room or an entire house, as you don’t have to think about adding glue to the floor or even fixing it to the floor to save time and money.

Uniclic floors give the overall look and beauty of the room.

Uniclic quality has a great influence on the overall appearance and aesthetics of the room. However, high-quality Uniclic will provide better stability and performance for customers to equip the floor with full sheets so that they can spend more time enjoying the floor. and less time worrying about the safety of the new floor. This tool makes it quick and easy if all the items on your land are damaged on board.

This flooring in Dubai is quick and easy for all your DIY enthusiasts and is installed exclusively with the Uniclic system. Non -adhesive binders make lying or delivery anywhere easy and convenient, so if you are moving into your home. Can take with you The growing board is locked tightly to keep the joints smooth which will prevent dirt or dust from shrinking.

Features and advantages of Uniclic flooring

  • One-Stop Unique Floor Installation System
  • The high-definition textured structure enhances the original appearance of the floor.
  • It has the latest technology and design to choose from.
  • Flexible installation options – you can start anywhere in the room.
  • To the hygienic hypoallergenic floor
  • Can be combined with noise reduction below.
  • Flexible to use with underfloor heating systems.

Installation Procedure – Unique Unique Flooring

  • Basic inspection before installation helps prevents moisture from the floor of your machine. You can start the installation of uniclic flooring upon completion.
  • If there is an extension, use a spacer bar to create a distance between the board and the wall. Once in place, place on two tables and combine. But leave the groove part open, and in the second row get the table. Keep doing this until you reach the bottom of the line.
  • The remaining space may be less than the board when you hit the bottom. There is a pencil mark showing the length of the room and the rest of the board. To complete the first row, use a board to cut.
  • Notice how the unilik boards need to be locked together as you arrange the second row. Click and place the tongue in the groove to enter. Put down the board when you hear it.
  • Lock the boards in each row to the wall. You will notice that the gap is less than the length of the board or spacer bar when you reach the end of the row. Just use the same steps as you did for step 3.
  • You will save money, energy, and time with uniclic flooring and this unique installation method. No need to use glue or nails. Just click and lock the board and you are headed to a beautiful new level.
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