Follow the latest trend of wall-to-wall carpets:

In’90s Wall-to-wall carpets were considered the best and most popular carpeting style. People had limited choices of color, style, and designs at that time, but now, the carpet industry has evolved. Wall to wall carpets are in trend, and people of the UAE often follow them for a long time.
UAE Carpets is in town, and they offer a wide range of benefits over conventional carpets. Modern wall-to-wall carpets are installed in the room, calculating its total area as they are mounted from wall to wall. Due to their wide dimensions, these carpets are sometimes difficult to install. But we have experts in this field who are experts in this kind of work, so we can easily install these carpets in your room. Installing modern wall-to-wall carpets is indeed tricky. But these carpets offer users many benefits:

Wall to Wall Green Carpets

The Amazing Features of Our Wall to Wall Carpets

  • Since wall-to-wall carpets are so large, they won’t let you down, and mostly in cold climates when floors are icy, these carpets can help you deal with this problem.
  • If you opt for good insulation with wall-to-wall carpets, you will find that these carpets do not let your feet heat through the floor—cold on your feet.
  • The soft fabrics of the modern wall-to-wall carpets give an excellent surface to your feet. Feel the soft and fluffy fabric of these carpets, and you will be impressed with their comfort.
  • If you buy very soft wall-to-wall carpets, these carpets will give you a soothing effect whenever you mount the wall and will also help your body relieve tension.
  • These carpets are more beautiful than regular carpets because they are very wide, and their beauty penetrates more easily into the environment in the room than traditional carpets.
  • If you choose modern wall-to-wall carpets in different colors and designs, you will undoubtedly get the best results when it comes to aesthetics.
  • The durability of the wall-to-wall carpets depends on the type of fabric you purchase. If you buy material that is very high quality, you are assured that you will get higher durability.

  • We only provide high-quality fabrics to our customers to ensure these wall carpets last for a long time.
  • Wall-to-wall carpets ‘prices depend on the quality and type of fabric. If you choose silk carpets, the cost of wall-to-wall carpets will be very high, but it will be below in the case of sisal carpets. When choosing a carpet, you should consider your needs and interior design so that you can choose the right carpet with low wall-to-wall carpet prices.
  • We offer our customers cheap wall-to-wall carpets, and if you are on a tight budget, you can easily buy our cheap wall-to-wall carpets to save money. The wall-to-wall carpet prices of our cheap wall-to-wall carpets are meager. But the quality is very high.
  • For larger projects with more extensive floors or surfaces, floor to wall to wall carpet & welcome carpets is the best choice. is a manufacturer and supplier of the broadest range of wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai.
  • Offering the largest collection of floor to wall to wall carpets in a wide variety of styles, colors, designs, and sizes at affordable costs.
  • Wall-to-wall carpet adds a regal inside appearance to your house, hotel, or lobby. Dubai used different wall-to-wall carpets and adopted a suitable interior design.
  • Wall-to-wall carpet made from the finest yarn, high-quality materials, fire-resistant covering, worked by gifted experts. In winter, this rug can be necessary at UAE Carpets. We have a wide selection of wall-to-wall carpets in various colors, shapes, sizes, and sizes to suit different needs.
  • We do our service for you at no additional cost.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are one of the best wall-to-wall carpets suppliers in Dubai.
  • We never compromise on product quality.
  • The prices of our items are sensible and low.
  • We never put any hidden charges.
  • Offer cheap wall-to-wall carpets.

We have the best professionals to provide the best door-to-door installation services to our customers.
We are not only providing carpets and carpets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. But also global service, we are a customer-oriented and one-stop solution for standard and custom carpets/rugs in Abu Dhabi. These carpets have a fireproof coating and come with a warranty on all carpets/carpets we provide. The carpets we provide are also environmentally friendly.

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Are Carpets Expensive?

It may depend on the quality of the material because many types of material are used in carpet making. So, the pricing all depends on the quality of the carpets.

How Long Can They Last?

It depends on the maintenance and the quality of the floor where the carpet is installed. Moreover, they can last season after season and come with different warranties.

Why Do People Prefer Wall-To-Wall Carpeting?

Wall to wall carpets can add a different and classy element to the interior of the room. People install carpets of different colors and a soul to their dull rooms.

What are the possible benefits of installing wall-to-wall carpets?

They can give a soft and cozy effect. They reduce the risk of slippery and falling and offer a different but appealing look to the room or hall.