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Rubber Studded Mats

Rubber Studded Mats by It has an excellent relief configuration texture and delivers unmatched enemy slip properties no matter what ball bearing approaches. The underpad combination can be mounted straightforwardly on any hard surface, as a rule, and are also ideal for general use for modern runners, walkways, and deck zones.

Rubber Studded Mats & customizable mats are used for high-pressure and high-traffic areas where stable and reliable placement is required. The Rubber Studded Mats has a circular texture and opposite sides, providing a secure grip surface for well-being and comfort.

The non-negative round stud design gives this mat a non-slip texture that is just about anything. But difficult to clean and does not trap soil unlike some types of anti-slip rubber pads The flat floor rugs are very sturdy and are the perfect walkway for any walking activity.

Our Rubber Studded Mats have an attractive coin construction, a well-known decision for businesses or mechanical surfaces with mild to moderate wear. This item is equally cost-effective, which makes it perfect for use at home.

The coin plan on the top surface of the mat is something other than an attractive component. Each coin gives our rubber products a unique grip. The position of the safety grip makes this particular mat ideal for bar and kitchen use as it provides a good grip in all cases when wet.

In addition to offering excellent anti-slip properties, our Rubber studded mat are not water and oil repellant, with amazing non-slip properties and a dirt barrier. Supporting these lists is very quick and basic. The Rubber studded mat can be anything. But difficult to wipe and dry, keeping the product quality and appearance.


  • Fitness center floor
  • Laboratory
  • bar
  • Elevators and corridors
  • Hallway
  • Walkway
  • High traffic areas
  • Industrial routes and automation
  • Workplace
  • Wet and dry area
  • Production floor slip coverage
  • Cross area and packaging and so on.

Why our Rubber Studded Mat?

The installation

Make sure the subfloor is leveled, dry, and free of oil and grease before layering. Ineffective subfloor placement and the use of unstructured synthetic mixtures resulted in height differences and influences the life expectancy of the deck. Rubber studded mats are used with glue. You can place them on solid floors, metal, wood, art, and new or existing tiles.


For general support, a wet material should be used to remove any residue or dirt. For larger areas of the business, use fast machines and cleaning solutions for discrete handling. You can apply the wax in layers to give it a radiant look.

What Are the Features of Our Rubber Studded Mats?

  • durable
  • Turbulence decreased
  • Protection
  • It does not slip and is guaranteed against harm and scratches.
  • Easy to introduce and follow
  • Water and oil safe
  • Anti-skid studs
  • Floor insurance from scuffed and dangerous areas.
  • The elevated design provides the best foundations and insignificant wear and tear.
  • It is desirable nowadays and is stylish.
  • Suitable for the kitchen or bar.

Choosing us for flooring will be a wise decision as our experts provide a wide range of useful products. We offer great deals that make your shopping experience easy and flawless. Pay attention to the safety of our customers’ products. Our experts and suppliers deliver products with a fireproof coating. Customers are given the freedom to shop whenever and wherever they want. We make it possible for our customers to place their orders at any time. You can share designs for these mats and we can make them for you.

Our rubber studded mat not only But provides safety from slipping But also keeps your floors clean, hygienic, free from mold and bacteria. We also design different types of non-slip rubber studded mats for different areas. To prevent slipping in your business area, you should have floor coverings that cover your entire facility.

We are also the best choice for any flooring, be it a kitchen, bathroom, gym, or entrance, as our experience has earned us a reputation for reliability and professionalism.

For any information please visit our location. We also have an in-house consultant, call one of our representatives can visit your location to preview, share ideas and take measurements.

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