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Prayer Mats
Prayer Mats

Provide five times a day, need a clean and tidy surface. To keep the lines clean, we use Muslim prayer mats that must be kept clean. This method was seen from Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him. People who pray in khumrah are made of palm leaves. Soft prayer mats are also called Sajjadat and Salat and can be found in every Muslim house.

  • Speaking of prayer mats, this mat is made for prayer. These prayer mats are made of the highest quality materials.
  • The prayer mat is designed to improve comfort. They will feel comfortable when sitting on it. Design it perfectly so that you can use it without discomfort. This mat is quality.
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Types Of Prayer Mats

UAE Carpets provides design flexibility in terms of high-quality fabrics and colors of Dubai prayer mats. The types are as follows.

Simple prayer mat.

These UAE prayer mats are common all over the world, and most people like to use simple prayer mats in their daily performances. The design of the temple and medina make it more beautiful.

Raschel’s prayer mat.

The Raschel Dubai prayer mat is made of Raschel polyester material. This type of material gives the surface a soft touch and provides a friendly environment for the human body. The back of the Raschel pad is made of PVC dots and non-woven fabric, which is non-slip for users.

Foldable prayer mat.

UAE Carpets provides customers with foldable prayer mats. This is becoming more and more popular in Muslim prayers. The design of the Kaaba makes it more beautiful. Dubai prayer mats are wrinkle-free and easy to use.


Embossed printed prayer mat

The printed prayer mat has a unique embossed style, and its beautiful colors and embossed colors attract prayers. The image of the soul is made during prayer. These prayer mats are resistant to printing, moisture, and provide flexibility for prayer.

Velvet prayer mat.

Dubai prayer mats use velvet prayer mats to provide customers with beautiful colors and the largest size. When placed, the prayer mat looks very attractive. And suitable for gifts after Ha or Umrah.

Pocket-sized prayer mat.

Muslim prayer mats come in various sizes. When people make a pilgrimage or worship, it is difficult to handle a large amount of hand-carried goods. We provide Abu Dhabi prayer mats in the form of new pocket prayer mats. Even in dirty places, the prayer mat is easy to operate.

Dubai Mat Prayer

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