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Persian carpets are handmade on a loom, so one of the most important features to look out for is the number of knots. Quality Persian carpets will be at least 120 knots per square inch. At least, to pretend to be a Persian carpets connoisseur in front of the seller, flip it over and look at the knots from below. You wouldn’t expect to count them. But on the back of the carpets, there’s much more to say. Also, online Persian carpets by the are one of the softer backings with a few larger knots, which is evident in hand weaving, while the machine-made carpets raise eyebrows due to the knot consistency.

Types of Persian Carpets We Have

Handmade Persian Carpets

Our handmade Persian carpets are typically made of wool, silk, or wool blend silk. 100% real silk Persian carpets are subtle and shiny. Wool, on the other hand, is the most commonly used material. Quality depends on the sheep’s breed, climate, grazing, and shearing time. Don’t mistake these two good-quality refractory materials for the synthetic fibers of machine-made carpets that are easily flammable and tend to lint.

Traditional Persian Carpets

Traditional Persian carpets are made with natural dyes, so you need to look for colors that look natural, such as insect crochets for red, indigo plants for blue, and ruby ​​rind for shades of yellow. Synthetic dyes tend to penetrate the fibers evenly, while natural dyes coat the surface. Bend the rug to separate a few strands and if you notice slight inconsistencies, you’re dealing with natural colors.

What Do We Offer

Best Material It offers premium quality handmade Persian carpets online, and Persian carpets for sale are made of silk, wool, or pure silk.

Traditional Look

Traditionally created Persian carpets create a more natural atmosphere in the room to give a closer look at its origins.

Maximum Benefit

The Persian carpet is made with attention to detail not only but it only provides benefits that will last for a long time in your home. But investing to add value over time has resulted in a sentimental bond.


The Persian carpet in Abu Dhabi creates a beautiful ambiance in the room as it shows off the natural surroundings of the world.

Easy To Handle

When it comes to maintenance Known for quality materials that are easy to handle and our online Persian carpets are easy to clean and maintain to prolong their lifespan, keeping your space fresh and comfortable. Long time

Quality Service Belief in building a good rapport with customers where their needs are of the utmost importance. We have experts available to benefit our customers by assisting them in their selection of Persian carpets in Dubai.

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