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PVC flooring is the best choice for installations in homes, play areas, offices, gymnasiums, and hospitals. Of course, they need to be changed after many years, and these changes should be long-term, especially in mosques. When the traffic is heavy, the space installed in the mosque should be soft and comfortable. PVC flooring & Ceramic flooring is the best-recommended flooring for both residential and commercial areas. PVC flooring can be installed on any subfloor. For example, ceramics, stone, or wood.

Mosque PVC Flooring Types

Us at Provide mosque PVC flooring in three basic types. Is as follows

  1. Pvc floor tiles
  2. PVC plank floor
  3. Pvc floor mat

Key Features Of Our Mosque PVC Flooring

It is the most versatile floor. To offer mosque PVC flooring with the following additional features


We have a team of experts offering a wide range of colors, themes, textures, and styles. We offer stunning and reasonable colors and designs that are most suitable for mosques.

Water resistance

With its beautiful patterns and designs, the mosque PVC flooring is highly water and moisture-resistant.

Comfortable to pray

Mosque PVC flooring is the best choice for mosques as it is soft, comfortable, and comfortable, allowing Muslims to pray in comfort.


If you want insulating flooring for your mosque Offer a mosque PVC flooring with special insulating properties that help in both cold and hot climates.

Sound resistance

We provide soundproof mosques PVC flooring, people praying without any distractions and distractions.


Our mosque PVC flooring is easy to maintain as we provide stain-resistant PVC flooring and keeps the mosque clean and tidy at all times. This type of floor is surprisingly scratch and scuff resistant remains new for a long time and saves on any maintenance costs by simply keeping it clean and shiny with a mop and Vacuuming regularly

Against bacteria

Mosque PVC is an anti-bacterial agent that makes the place suitable for allergy sufferers.

Affordable price

Us at Providing excellent quality mosque PVC flooring at very reasonable prices that are easily available to people across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Adviser To Guide

We have a consultant who truly guides you on mosque PVC flooring and helps to choose the most suitable one for your mosque in your range.

Delivery And Installation Service There are fast suppliers that deliver every order at your doorstep without hidden costs. Our professional experts and highly trained trainers also provide installation services for you if you need them. They install your mosque PVC flooring according to your choice and favor. Our delivery and installation services are available to all our customers living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to the functional features, these mosque PVC floorings are also neat and attractive, which gives the place an attractive and beautiful look. Also supply and install mosque PVC flooring for nurseries, industrial, hospitals, schools, homes, factories, playgrounds, in offices and clinics.

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