How to Choose a Carpet Dubai | UAE Carpets

A few things need to be taken into account when choosing a Carpet. Our Carpet selection guide is here to guide and inspire you, ranging from normal wear to the cost of installation and tearing and how long you want the Carpet to last.

Carpets are the most comfortable option as they are a great addition to the living room and bedroom. At the same time, it may not be as easy as some other flooring options – consider laminate and hardwood – comfort, warmth, and sound absorption aren’t the better options.

You can limit your choice and type of carpet. Carpets chose for the bedroom, softer slippers, or barefoot. But you will need something in a dense and compact low pile area.

Selected fabrics for use on Carpets

Wool – usually used for high-grade Carpets Dubai, you will pay more for natural materials. But you get great looks, tougher, and more durable floor coverings. It also has a top mark – perfect for heat loss and noise reduction – and it still looks good. Even the fur fabric feels luxurious and beautiful under your feet!

Wool Blends – Some people think that an 80 percent wool blend is the best combination for even Carpets and 20% artificial fibers (such as polyamide or polyester).

Polypropylene – This special fiber Carpet is known for its durability and stain resistance. You can clean it with a little black cleanser. But always consult with the manufacturer or seller first. However, polypropylene is flammable and does not die out automatically.

Polyamide (also known as nylon) -available in a variety of bright, vivid, and non -wool colors. State-of-the-art product with inherent anti-stain treatment for family homes, standard polyamide or nylon Carpets, and high wear resistance.

Polyester – Used frequently for textured or torn carpets. Polyester looks and sounds like wool, very fine, stain-resistant, and durable. Used mostly as an ingredient, not only.

Determine the density of the carpet

First, estimate how long the UAE Carpets you will buy will last. Note the thickness, strength, material, and weight of the mounting pile. The faster it moves and recovers, the more compact and durable it is.

The density of the carpet should play a big role, especially when you want to place it in a crowded area such as a hallway or staircase. The frequency of each fiber depends on the strength of the fibers of the carpet. See how much room there is between the strands by looking at the back of the material. The carpet chosen for the stairs plays an important role.

Check the weight of the fabric and the color scheme.

Examine the importance of fabrics with similar patterns, for example, compare Berber with other fabrics. The weight should be printed on the back of the sample. As a rule, dense microfiber carpets are the most widespread organisms. You will find that the longer loops and the stranded carpet look thicker. But it weighs less Darker colors work well on bright roads. But for the bedroom, you might choose a brighter color.

Choose the best color for your Carpet.

A large number of retailers allow you to borrow small samples and provide appropriate measurement and installation services before making a final decision. Place the sample in a brighter and darker area of ​​the room so you can feel how the light affects your color. Keep seeing how easy and fast it flows according to the pattern.

Before you go shopping, give a rough estimate so you can find the cost for your file, as it is very useful if your search is limited. Measure the widest and longest parts of the room, including windows that extend from the wall. floor space and doors, use a size of 10cm or more with a size of width and length to cut.

Count the carpets

You can calculate the bottom layer by the same method. However, use this approach, especially when you are in unfamiliar areas such as the lobby and stairs, and remember that you will need to add handles and fit the final price. And if you don’t like the gray color you’re wearing, some manufacturers offer specialized coloring services for a price.

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