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Premium Quality Floor Skirting

As a flooring company in Dubai, we are often asked about Floor skirting and why it is necessary to install the jamb. So here’s a breakdown of all the reasons why Dubai flooring is so your flooring advisor again.

Abu Dhabi floor scoring is a very important element of floor decoration and serves many purposes.

 Ugly wiring out of sight

Nobody likes wires hanging openly from walls or ceilings. But only destroys the appearance of the area But also extremely dangerous Hiding it in the ceiling is not a valid option, as in the future it can tear the ceiling if wiring needs to be repaired. The best economical and practical option is to hide the wires under the floor skirting, as in addition to hiding the wires, they also make them look free.

Cover the gap of the irregular area.

Even a highly skilled tailor would be difficult to keep the Floor close to the wall. It seems inevitable that there will be gaps after installation. Hence, floor skirting is used for that purpose to cover unsightly gaps rather than redo the entire floor again.

Prevent damage

The floor skirting serves as a barrier between the wall and furniture. Prevent furniture or other interior elements from positioning too close to the wall and creating marks or scratches on the wallpaper, damaging the plastering or painting work.

Serves as a decorative element

Since marking the Floor skirting hides all the gaps between the wall and the Floor, it looks more neat and professional. The floor skirting also has decorative mouldings, so you can choose from them according to your choice and decoration. The floor frame can be painted to give it a unified look. But most of the time, they are painted to have elements that contrast with the interior.

Waterproof floor skirting

100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about Floor skirting from rubbing. Without worrying about the walls or skirting being broken. Dubai flooring rounding? It is highly resistant to termites.


Wide variety of floor skirting 

Our collection of cornices includes a wide variety of colour options to meet all your interior rounding needs. You can definitely match or contrast with the colour of your Floor, or you can create custom flooring as well. We’ll make it there. Life comes up!

Why Choose Us?

If you have further questions about floor skirting in Dubai, we are here to help guide you through the latest floor skirting trends on the market. Feel free to contact our representative for free samples without any obligation or come to our showroom for a closer look.
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