Carpet Fabrics

Carpets are very popular among all people in any country, town, village, or town, but the fabric used in the carpet is the most important. The carpet fabric must be good enough so as not to cause a rash and irritate the skin. When touching or walking while not sleeping, the material of the carpet fabric should be soft. UAE Carpets always likes to choose high-quality manufacturing materials. The materials used by our company are as follows.


The most common material we use in carpets. Of course, fur is good enough as a carpet fabric. The fur we use in our products is, of course, 100% pure and anti-allergic.

Benefits of wool-The most expensive benefit we get from sheep are keratin, which is an organic compound whose special properties allow it to be completely dissolved in the soil and have a great effect on the soil.


Silk is another ingredient used in rug fabrics by UAE Carpets. Thai silk is known for its luxurious properties, making your carpet fabrics flawless. For hundreds of years, obtaining silk from silkworm eggs has been an arduous and continuous task. Silk is the most expensive fabric and has a reputation for cleanliness. It is difficult to compare silk with other materials because silk has a natural colour and cannot match other fabrics. We also use our k-silk and synthetic silk products.

The advantages of silk – Silk is also known for its advantages and helps to enhance resistance to fungi. It does not store static electricity, and its filaments will not fall off immediately. The silk texture is very soft, making your carpet fabric great. Silk rugs add a luxurious look to your home.


Cotton is a valuable material from plants. It is common to use cotton as a carpet fabric because it is soft in contact and gives our carpets a comfortable appearance. The maintenance of cotton carpets is easy.

The advantages of cotton-compared with other carpets. Cotton carpets have a shorter soaking time in the water. Customers can use a cloth to remove stains on the carpet or just bloom. Cotton carpets also absorb heat from the earth in summer and prevent the earth from getting cold in winter, so this kind of carpet is suitable for all seasons and gives people a stunning appearance at home.


Jute is another well-known material used by UAE Carpets as fabric carpets. It is also very popular with everyone. Many of our customers use this carpet fabric after death to make it more beautiful.

The benefits of Jute-Jute is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable product with low thermal conductivity and sound insulation. This makes your carpet very cute.

Why Choose UAE Carpets?

We provide customers with high-quality carpet fabrics. Our customers are free to share the carpet design with the selected fabric. We can serve you because our first priority is customer satisfaction.

We pay special attention to the preferences of our customers. The ingredients we use in our products are pure, safe, and harmless to the skin.

We provide unique and stylish carpet fabric designs that are very soft, comfortable, comfortable, and have hygienic and antibacterial properties.

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