Electric Curtains

At UAE Carpets, we have a wide selection of electric curtains at affordable prices. UAE Carpets is a leading supplier of automatic curtains in the United Arab Emirates. We work together on a mission to make your life easy, luxurious, and comfortable.
Choosing electric curtains from UAE Carpets guarantees exceptional quality, time savings, durability, and reliability. Our curtains and drapes are available at very affordable prices. Call us and place your order without waking up. We will anchor the curtains and drapes you want directly to your door.

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient and Smarter.

One of the advantages of electric curtains is that you can schedule them whenever you want. Just set a time, and it will be open every day. Let’s say you wake up at 7 a.m., set a timer, and your window will open to let light into your room every day at 7:00 p.m.
Electric curtains save energy as well. They do not let the outside heat in. Set to turn off in the evening and open at night to maintain room temperature air conditioner

Want to Turn Your Favorite Curtains into Electric Curtains?

At UAE Carpets, we can turn your favorite curtains into electric curtains. This is not a difficult task for us. So call us and our team will get to your home, delivering the curtains to our team. They will anchor your curtain to our workshop, install the motor and return it to you. If you ask, we can install it for you. The good news for you is that we do not charge for shipping.

Advantages of Electric Curtains:

To make your story short, let’s take a look at the advantages of electric curtains that can be installed at home.

  • Energy saving
  • Safe for your baby and pets.
  • Help you sleep soundly and wake you up in the morning.
  • You can use it even remotely.
  • Protect your interior from severe sunlight.
  • They give you comfort
  • Add value to your home
  • Why should you buy electric curtains from UAE Carpets?

 Electric curtains from UAE Carpets? What is special about them? “Let me tell you. Our price is unbeatable. We sell quality curtains at very low prices. Quality, colour or type of fabric, we can send free samples to you. Third, we offer free shipping throughout the United Arab Emirates. We also offer installation services for our valued customers.

Wouldn’t it be better to buy your favourite curtains for free and take them home? We also accept custom orders. You can design your own curtains with the help of our designers.

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