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Drapery Curtains

Curtains are called Drapery in Latin and refer to fabrics used for decorative purposes, such as windows or clothing. In interior design, blinds specifically refer to the treatment of windows, which can be used as focal points, such as in the front, or they can be regarded as preventing the visibility of the open window from being visible.
Blankets are usually lined, while curtain panels are not. They are considered standard permanent installations, supplementing other room and building structure elements by adding colours or patterns, thereby adding an indispensable component to the room’s decoration.

Advantages of Our Drapery Curtains

  1. Insulation- Drapery Curtains are great for keeping the air cool, rather than heating the room by letting in direct sunlight.
  2. Improve mood and appearance-The Drapery curtain rods provided by UAE Carpets are not only decorative objects but can also affect your home atmosphere. When homeowners live in a comfortable area, their mood is also very active.
  3. Versatility-when you consider using UAE Carpets to obtain a beautiful space, your space will definitely become something extraordinary for you. Taking into account the flexibility of decoration, our Drapery curtain rod design has a variety of styles and patterns.
  4. Ideal choice-it’s easy to buy ready-made Drapery curtains for your space, but they don’t look like they are in that space. Only when you design a custom curtain fabric that suits your personality can you get the right fit. Curtains from UAE Carpets provide you with experts who will help you create the best design.
  5. Durability- UAE Carpets is the top treatment option for durable Drapery curtains.

We Have All Kinds of Drapery Curtain Styles

  • The crease is one of the best-selling styles. Stylish and modern, but also very practical and easy to operate.
  • Adjustable pleats– this style of Drapery curtains is fuller, but the elegance is not so obvious. Colours, patterns, and materials.
  • A small amount of pleating Drapery curtains are classic, beautiful curtains and create simple but impressive shapes. This style is more traditional, but you can easily achieve modernity by choosing bold patterns.
  • Fold upside down– these Drapery curtains are uniquely designed with neat stitching to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. More suitable for decorative purposes, not suitable for general use. Because this style does not mean opening and closing often.
  • Luggage pockets– these classics, casual and traditional style Drapery curtains are made of fabric gathered near the luggage pocket. This kind of Drapery curtain rod is best used as a fixed panel because it cannot be used normally.

Why Choose Us?

UAE Carpets is the leading company, leading the rest of the UAE with its extraordinary Drapery series. Our professionals can provide you with fabric pillows, interior decoration, and curtains of the same colour and design as your Drapery curtains according to customer requirements. Our experts will always provide you with suggestions to provide you with comfortable and beautiful interiors and Provide exact requirements and get all the latest details related to the available products.

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