The Best Dotted Rubber Mats

Rubber doormats & Dotted mats are intended to produce results comparable to that of pressure point massage. The Dotted mats consist of a few hundred plastic points that focus on multiple reflexology on the back. There is an additional reflexology cushion that can be used on the neck, head, hands, or feet. Today, more and more people use Dotted mats to reduce back pain and headaches.

Dotted mats have not been widely read for any potential benefit. Since these mats are also used in reflexology to add energetic weight to the body, focusing on the body’s meridians, they may offer comparable or comparable advantages. Dotted mats can take some time to acclimatize. The spines are sharp and can cause distress or suffering for a few minutes before they start to heat up in the body and feel better.

For the best results, use the mat daily for 10 to 20 minutes, one pad at a time. Make sure to inhale and exhale intentionally to allow your body to relax. Choose the surface where Tenderfoot will be placed. Use a bedspread or sofa on a regular basis. Regular customers and experienced people can move the mats onto the floor. Let sit it shoot. Lean against a dotted mat, aiming for direct contact with the hips and lower back.

Begin with the floor between itself and the Dotted mats. Wearing a light-coloured shirt or placing a little texture over the spikes may help you adjust to the feel of the mat. The Dotted mat comes in contact with the unopened skin. But I don’t want to take off the shirt right away. Keep resting evenly on the dotted mat. This will help you avoid focus injury.

Align yourself with care. Try not to squirm or move around on the mat, as you may puncture or scratch the skin more quickly. It works reliably. Mats are getting used to it, but it seems to really work for some. If there is no chance, this item offers you, stay with it and give it a job opportunity.

The Benefits of Our Point Mat

      • Dotted mats customers have disclosed help findings for the following conditions:
      • Migraine, which is believed to be reduced by remaining on the Dotted mat with both feet in equal positions.
      • Neck stiffness and pain
      • Back pain
      • Sciatica is the back and legs.
      • Tight or stiff back muscles
      • Stress and stress
      • Sleep deprivation

    Some considerations

    • The spikes of a polka Dotted mats can penetrate the skin, especially when the mat is mistakenly used. To maintain a strategic distance from cuts or disease, do not use Dotted mats if you have sensitive skin, diabetes, or poor symptoms.
    • Try not to use the dotted mat to stimulate the action. Functional reflexology should be performed under the supervision of a clinical specialist.
    • It should not be used by babies, toddlers, and young children.
    • In case you have high or low circulatory stress, speak to your primary care doctor before use.


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