Which Curtains Are Best Living Room In Dubai


Curtain Style

Curtains and drapes are available in a variety of styles. Curtain panels can be purchased cheaply, while specialty curtains can be very expensive. Think about what suits the style of your own room and windows. Double panels are classic and create symmetry. Large individual panels in smaller spaces. Panels with Valencia fabrics are romantic and traditional, while panels with valance boards or cornices that frame the top edge are structured and formal.

Also, consider the type of title that you like best. Pencil pleats, buttonholes, French seams, and pole pockets are among the most common.

Window Fabric Treatment

Curtains are available in every fabric imaginable, Curtains in Living Room but some are more suitable for certain rooms than others. Heavier fabrics help protect the room and work best in colder climates; lightweight fabrics work best in hot weather.

Silk: Classic and traditional silk curtains. They add a sense of formality to a room, especially if they are folded and stacked on the floor. If privacy is an issue, ask them to line up. Silk curtains are of high quality and allow little light to pass through.
It is available in every color and style imaginable and can be formal or informal depending on your style. Still, it tends to be a bit stiffer than other fabrics.
Linen: Linen is light and often transparent. It is usually used in more informal rooms.
Velvet: heavy and luxurious velvet. This material is rarely used in a relaxed environment.
Sheers: Sheers are great if you want something shiny, but not ideal for privacy.

Colors and Patterns

Curtains use a lot of visual space, so it is important to carefully consider what type of color and pattern you want. Think of it like the fabric on a chair or sofa. Consider the pattern and fabric of the furniture and the color of the walls in the room. Then combine or mix the curtains with the main elements. Before making a particular curtain or curtains, get an example of fabric and tape to the wall where you plan to install it.

Curtain Size

The width of the window is usually at least twice as wide, although you often leave it open. It is also important that they are old enough. For a dramatic and elegant look, they can peel off the floor, or for a more contemporary, clean look, they can barely surf the floor. But they shouldn’t be higher. When the curtains are too short, look thin. If you get a store bought panel rather than DIY, it is better to buy it old and then install it.

Mount the curtains

There are several schools of thought for hanging curtains. The two best options include:

  • Traditional – Install hardware a few inches above the top of the window frame. It is traditional and will always look good.
  • Contemporary – Install the hardware just below the ceiling. It is a very popular modern look and can make the ceiling appear higher.

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