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The Rugs connected us to our space. They not only complete the space, but they also shape your feelings in it. From hand-rich UAE Carpets wool to durable and smart synthetics, high-quality materials and construction methods are used throughout the Crate and Barrel Rugs collection. The result is a sophisticated and liveable collection featuring many types of rugs in exclusive designs.

Fur rugs

There is nothing like the softness, warmth and colour that hand and hand-woven rugs bring to a room. Our rug design collection features modern neutrals, traditional designs, artistic graphics and dimensions sculpted in 100% luxurious wool. The care is also minimal. Wool is naturally stained resistant thanks to natural oils that prevent dirt from sticking to the yarn. And because wool is a durable fibre that regenerates, it’s a practical choice for areas with high traffic.

Construction & Maintenance:

Hand-tied: In a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation, the yarn is wrapped and then tied in each warp thread. Each strand of yarn is then cut by hand and printed by hand to form a neatly tied rug. The attention to detail by expert craftsmen produces beautiful rugs with durable value and presence.

Hand-tufted: With the help of a sewing tool, the skilled merchant passes the thread through a fabric attached to the frame on which the pattern is drawn. Both cut and loop piles are achieved through this process. Stacked rugs are backed with rubber for stability, then with fabric for a finished look.

Hand-loomed: From plush fabric rugs to versatile cotton rugs, a variety of looks and textures are achieved by using looms. The combination of colour and thickness of the yarn is woven by hand to create a contemporary or traditional design. Every step of our woven Rugs construction involves hand finishing by skilled craftsmen.

Machine-loom: An effective way to form a variety of textures on value is with the machine-loom process. Power-loom rugs are usually synthetic or fibre and can include pile weaves, rib patterns, and bouclé weaves.

To take care of the Rugs, vacuum them periodically. For the first two to three months, additional suction without the beater bar turned on may be needed to manage the normal shedding that occurs. If a toddler spills a cup of juice or a pet has an accident, immediately spill the spill with a clean, absorbent white cloth. Avoid using cleaning solvents or scrubbing excessively to keep the texture of the Rugs intact. We recommend the use of products specially designed for wool or dry extraction powder. For best results, a periodic professional cleaning can restore the Rugs to their original appearance. The shag rug will continue to shed for the rest of its life – cut loose Rugs tassels to make the rug look fresh. To avoid abrasions, rotate the Rugs consistently and avoid placing them in direct sunlight. Consider placing textiles on top of the rug so that the foundation stays good.

The Best Type Of Rugs For Your Space

Our natural fibre rugs feature an organic look and neutral texture in a flat weave to any. They are a natural choice to add a casual look to a classic living and living room or a relaxed feel in a weekend cottage. Our collection is woven with interesting patterns by craftsmen whose Rugs weaving skills have been passed down over generations.

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