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Curtains give every style in your home a sense of style and can liven up your decor and design vision. They also offer extra available furniture and personal tastes guide you towards the look you prefer. Some handy tips can make you decide how to choose curtains, including fabric differences, styles and sizes of UAE Carpets curtains.type of curtains for your home.

Curtain length

Choosing a certain length is not just about what you like. Consider specific rooms and windows in that space. To measure the correct size of curtains, you first need to decide on the desired appearance and nuances.

Apron length: Curtains that measure 84 inches This length is suitable in the kitchen area, bedroom, or room with a radiator under the window.

Floor-length: Long curtains located above your window frame to the floor create a traditional and formal look. The typical curtain length for this style is 84 to 96 inches; These curtains will fall about 1/4 inch above the floor. It is ideal for the living room, bedroom and dining room.

Cafe length: Designed to stop at your window sill, these short UAE Carpets curtains give a less formal look. You are usually used in kitchens and living rooms. Cafe curtains are also beneficial when your window is on a table or other type of mounting and should not bounce to the floor.

Pond length: The most extended and most formal type of curtain, the size of the puddle is usually 108 inches or more. This appearance is often seen in living rooms, traditional sitting rooms or in homes with high ceilings.

A variety of ready-to-hang options are available in standard curtain lengths to suit many rooms. Options typically include 63 -inch drapes, 84 -inch drapes, 96 -inch drapes and 108 -inch drapes. You can also find various curtain widths, including extra wide curtains, which can be used in panels to close windows or more oversized French doors.

 Curtain fabric

When choosing curtains, one of the main things to consider is the fabric. While thin materials will let light in and are ideal for the living room, heavy materials may work well in the bedroom. Here are the fabrics to consider when deciding how to choose curtains for your space:

Thin curtains: Used to make the room feel personal but bright. Designed to let a little light pass through, thin curtains are usually white or off-white, although several textured and patterned options are available. Thin UAE Carpets curtains are generally hung with double curtain rods and heavier curtain fabrics for maximum light control. However. They can use them on their own in places where natural light is desperately needed throughout the day.

Lace curtains: Offering a rather traditional elegant, sophisticated style, lace curtains look best informal living rooms. You can also use them in bedrooms, home offices and other utility spaces. Lace curtains allow a lot of light into your room, so they’re perfect for areas where you prefer less light filtering.

Cotton curtains: One of the best choices for kitchens, high traffic areas and children’s spaces, cotton curtains are often washed and easy to hang. Cotton curtains provide a relaxing space.

Linen curtains: Casual yet polished style, linen is the perfect choice for the master bedroom, formal living room and dining room. The linen is quite delicate, so it is best suited for a not too busy space.

Velvet curtains: An excellent choice for the master bedroom, living room and formal dining room, velvet adds a subtle texture and luxurious look to your room. Like linen, velvet is easily damaged, so we should not use it in high traffic areas or wet places. This fabric can also block heat, cold, noise and light.

Polyester curtains: Curtains of durable and cost-effective polyester and composite materials are an exceptional choice for areas with high traffic. can quickly eliminate many types if they become dirty or come in contact with steam or food splashes.

Dark curtains: Designed to block light, these style curtains can be made from various fabrics and will have thick panels sewn on the back to block light. Dark curtains are perfect for bedrooms and nurseries.

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