Carpets Doha

Carpets Doha

Carpets Doha

Add new life to your floors with Doha rugs.

Doha textile floor mats consist of a thick pile attached to a backing. Pile is usually made of wool or fibers (such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyester) and has twisted tufts that are heat-treated to maintain the structure. Carpets for sale in Doha are used in industrial and commercial premises and residential areas. There are many reasons for the use of Doha carpets, including the use of cool tiles or cement floors for insulation to make the room more comfortable and add decoration or color while increasing attractiveness.

Manufacture of carpets for sale Doha

The carpet in Doha is made with a mechanical loom that is somewhat similar to the one weaved using hand embroidery needles. (Also known as hand-woven) Ban carpets Doha for sale are made with wool or cotton hooks through nets of durable or embroidered fabrics.

Although the carpets in Doha are produced in standard sizes. But we also sell custom rugs, so you can manufacture them according to your design and size requirements.

Types of Doha carpets

Woven rugs for sale Doha – produced on the same loom There is also a new type of rug in Doha called cut and loop rugs. Usually, many colors of yarn are used for making carpets, weaving for Doha. We can produce intricate patterns from predefined designs which are very famous in India, Pakistan, and Arabia. These rugs are considered the most expensive as the manufacturing process is quite slow.

Needle felt rugs – more advances in technology These Doha rugs are made by mixing or melting individual synthetic fibers with the help of prickly needles and tongs. These rugs for Doha for sale are mostly found in high-traffic areas such as commercial places such as hotels and restaurants.

Doha knotted rug – or pile carpet cut an additional left loop, the left thread of the structure is fastened with additional reinforcing fabric at right angles. It is then bolted into a knot twist, such as the shag rug, which gained popularity in the 90s. Hand knotting is most prevalent in oriental rugs for sale in Doha.

Tufted Carpets for sale Doha – Have their pile injected into the backing material, which is partially bonded to the backing of the hessian weave to provide stability. carpets Doha piles are often cut to achieve different textures. This is the most common Doha selling method of carpet production.

Other types of Doha carpets

Doha Flatweave rug is made by interlocking the warp (vertical) thread and the left weft. We offer a wide range of Eastern and European flatwoven rugs for sale in Doha. Oriental Doha rugs are:

  • Kilim
  • Somsak
  • Woven carpet

While European woven carpets for sale in Doha

  • Venetian
  • Dutch
  • Dark red
  • Hair cover
  • Ingrain (also known as two-ply, two-ply, three-ply, or three-ply fabrics)

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