What Type of Carpet Is Best for Living Room in Dubai

Carpet Versus Vinyl, Laminate or Wood for the Living Room

When choosing a rug for the Best Carpet Living Room, the first thing to ask yourself is whether a rug is the right choice for you.

  • You should consider:
  • Your lifestyle and how you usually use your living room.Which factors are most important to you, both in terms of aesthetics, ease of cleaning, price, durability of the carpet, etc.
    Families with young children sometimes prefer Carpet in the living room because they are safer than hard floors and better hide dirt and stains. If the living room is where your family spends many days, the Carpet will make the room warmer and provide more comfort than the alternatives.

In homes where harder floors are less of a concern, vinyl or hardwood is often chosen for its aesthetic benefits.

Carpet For High-Traffic Living Rooms

When it comes to high traffic living room Carpet , the main thing to look for is durability. Durability comes from the thickness of the pile of the carpet, the way the fibers of the fabric are cut, and the material from which the carpet is made. Durability is very important for Carpet in high traffic areas because low durability Carpet can be damaged quickly and must be replaced.

All home Carpet  in the UAE  are rated based on their durability. If your room has a lot of traffic, you will definitely want to look for heavy or very heavy household vehicles.

Pet Living Room Mats

As beautiful as pets are, they can ruin your rug! Sometimes sticky nails or “accidental” stains can leave a carpet in very poor condition. Here are some quick tips for choosing a rug when you have a pet.

Dark color – perfect for hiding pet hair and feces! Also, it makes large rooms feel more attractive.
Nylon – Provides exceptional durability; perfect for your active pet.
Polyester – very resistant to stains; Great if you have a puppy or kitten that isn’t fully trained yet.
Frieze cut hair: contains short and long-lasting fibers that hide a lot of dirt and hair.
Learn more about choosing the right mat for your pet by visiting our guide: How to Protect Your Pet Mat

Carpet that hides stains and spills

If you have young children, practicality may be your main consideration when purchasing a rug. You should look for a darker color to hide spills or stains. There are several styles of Carpet that are highly resistant to stains while maintaining a luxurious look and feel.

The most practical options are:

Polypropylene – is fast becoming the most Popular Material Home Carpet. It’s stain resistant, fade resistant, and very affordable!
Wool – very soft and rich in appearance and is a natural way to hide stains. Considered the best, it is the perfect combination of luxury and practicality.
Looped – Higher-density, low-profile construction than most, delivering the best all-round performance.

Berber Carpet are often the main choice for living rooms.

Berber is known as a very versatile and affordable way to filter your living room rug. It comes in a variety of qualities and can complement a wide variety of decorations.

Berber is an elegant rug. Originally only available in light colors, you can also find Berber Carpet in darker colors. It is very strong and due to the circular nature of the fiber it will not lose its shape when walking. Also, it is good for removing stains.

Basically, if you are looking for a freestanding option for your living room, Berber is the option for you. For more information, see our guide to Berber Carpet .

Average cost

The average cost of a living room rug for a medium size residence is around £ 260. However, you can fit a medium size living room rug for as low as £ 50 if you choose one from the lower end.

For details on costs by room size, visit our carpet costs page.

Choice of colors and ideas.

Color can often be one of the hardest decisions to make. Color changes in the room can have a dramatic effect, good or bad. Often times, it is difficult to imagine color in a wide space when looking at a small piece of fabric.

Brighter colors are a respectable option when choosing a rug and can add a dramatic touch to your living room. However, you should evaluate your lifestyle before buying. Are you prone to spills or stains? Do you have children or pets? If so, lightweight Carpet may not be suitable for you. Although they look luxurious, they do not offer the same protection against stains or hide dirt as neutral or darker colors. Maybe wait until the kids move!

Dark colors can give a classy and elegant look to your living room. Combined with the right colored furniture and walls, dark Carpet can create a dramatic look. The main benefit of dark Carpet is that they hide dirt much better than bright colors.

Neutral colors are the best-selling Carpet. This is because bright colors can dominate when spread across a large space. The different bright colors can also come and go in a few months and you don’t want to be stuck with a bright orange floor when we all go green. Neutral also means

For more color tips and tricks, visit our carpet color guide.

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