How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Home In Dubai

We are aware that buying a rug is a must-have purchase. At Lowe’s, we want your trip to be as stress-free as possible. Let us show you how to choose a rug and what to look for.

  • What type of rug do you need? Does your active family or pets need something? Where will that carpet be? Once you have determined your basic needs, it will be easier to choose a rug with the right style and color to reflect your tastes.

Do you have a specific style and color in mind? Whether you’re looking for the most current rug colors and designs or a timeless classic, it’s essential to know what look you want to achieve. This makes it easy for us to search our hundreds of styles and colors.

  • What About a Carpet Cushion? The proper padding will enhance the comfort of your rug and prevent stains from returning, making cleaning easier.
  • When do you need your new carpet, do you need it soon or do you still have time?
  • How much are you willing to spend? Just remember that your total budget should include carpet, padding, and installation. You can use our carpet sizing calculator to estimate your project.
  • How do I plan the installation? Once you have decided on your new carpet, Lowe’s can schedule the installation. Proper installation will ensure that your carpet lasts a long time. To find out what to look out for during the installation process, visit Lowe’s carpet installation page.

How should I care for my new carpet? Whether your carpet must withstand heavy or light traffic, proper care will ensure that its quality, look and feel will last for many years. In addition, having your carpet professionally cleaned according to its life expectancy will keep your carpet in good condition longer and preserve its useful life. See the UAE Carpet® warranty brochure to find out what kind of care is required.

  • How about a warranty? Sometimes accidents happen. Make sure you understand your warranty and register your carpet for the best protection.

Carpet Term

The edges of a beige rug are folded to reveal the base of a Stairmaster rug.

When searching for your perfect rug, it’s essential to know the following rug terms.

  • Fiber: the material of the carpet. Individual fibers are spun together to form two, three, or four plies of yarn, which are then bonded to a braided underlay.
  • Pile: Pile refers to the height of the fibers and is also referred to as surface or pile.
  • Density: A measure of the density of the fiber. High ceilings, durable carpet.
  • Base Weight: The basis weight refers to the number of threads in the carpet. In general, the higher the basis weight of a carpet, the more comfortable and durable it will be.
  • Texture: This is caused by the looping, twisting, or cutting style of the fibers. It determines the look and feel of the carpet and plays a vital role in its durability.
  • Twist: Twist is the number of times fiber is twisted in one inch of length. Higher twists tend to be more durable and resist traffic and crushing better.
  • PAR rating: this is a scale of 1 to 5 for performance, appearance, and durability; the higher the number, the better the appearance will hold up.

Carpet Fiber.

A person holds up a carpet square to show the fiber structure.

Most carpet manufactured in the United States contains one of four central residential carpet fibers: nylon, trifecta, polyester, and polypropylene or olefin.

  • Nylon is one of the most widely used carpet materials. It is a very durable fiber that is ideal for high-traffic areas and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Trieste is a newer carpet yarn that is known for its durability and stain resistance.
  • Polyester is not as durable as nylon, but it is stain-resistant.
  • Olefin, or polypropylene, was initially developed for outdoor and basement carpets for its moisture and mildew-resistant properties.

Carpet Cushion

Carpet Cushion

Although it may not be visible in your home, carpet padding is critical to its performance. Proper padding can improve the comfort of your carpet and prevent stains from reappearing, making cleaning easier. In addition, the right pad will cushion your steps, prevent cold and noise and increase the life of your carpet.

Lowe’s UAE Carpet® carpet has a patented breathable moisture barrier that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew when used with UAE Carpet® carpet. When used in combination with UAE Carpet®  carpet, it also helps reduce pet odors after a thorough cleaning. Lowe’s flooring experts can help you choose the right pad for your floor. Carpets Dubai carpet pads cost approximately د.إ per square foot.

Carpet Installation

After you’ve researched, tested, and selected the best carpet pad for your space, now it’s time to measure your floor and get a quote. For more information on installation day and how to prepare for the arrival of your new carpet, visit our carpet installation page.

Carpet Tiles

Self-adhesive or peel-and-stick carpet tiles are an excellent option for flooring installation. The adhesive system holds the carpet in place and keeps it from curling. Also, because the tiles are in one piece, there is no need to purchase a separate carpet backing. Carpet tiles typically cost between د.إ1 and د.إ3 per square foot.

Carpet Care

carpet care

Whether your carpet is exposed to heavy or very light traffic, proper care will ensure its quality, look, and feel will last for many years. Follow these simple steps to maintain the beauty, safety, and longevity of your carpet.

  • Vacuum frequently.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Arrange furniture from time to time.

Please note that specific cleaning requirements are essential to maintain your warranty. For details, please refer to your UAE Carpet® Carpet Limited Warranty, which. Can find it here.


Be sure to register your carpet immediately after installation for peace of mind. You’ll also receive helpful emails with cleaning tips and reminders for your first professional cleaning. See the UAE Carpet® warranty brochure or contact Lowe’s flooring specialist for details.


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