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Artificial Grass, a Modern Way to Decorate Your Place


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Soft fabrics of the modern carpets give an excellent surface to your feet.


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Every homeowner has a dream to have a beautiful country house. UAE Carpets takes the responsibility to transform your dream into reality by providing a High-quality artificial grass installation service. If you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or the nearby areas, you will get the best service from us.

We invite you to our showroom where you can get exciting and discounted rates. Installing natural grass is a more complex and maintenance task. Therefore, artificial grass is an easy way to maintain, and it can make your outdoors beautiful and look natural.

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Why Choose Our Artificial Grass?

We have been slowly developing and establishing ourselves as a leading supplier of artificial grass in Dubai. We offer customers the highest quality customized grass. If you want to decorate your outdoor environment, synthetic grass products are valuable, easy to use, and require less supervision. They are also comfortable and can be made to fit any space and size.

  1. Quick and easy installation
  2. No 1 and Best quality artificial grass in Dubai
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Bestselling artificial grass in Dubai
  5. Get more, pay less
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Durable and hygienic
  8. Affordable price
  9. Easy to clean

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Where Do We Operate?

Artificial grass is beneficial in many ways, including:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price
  • Dirt-free environment

Artificial grass, or fake grass, looks fantastic, and whether your needs are more or less, we do it all for you. Our management and experts will show you a sample free of charge. We provide 100% customer satisfaction by meeting their needs. We provide front-of-the-house service, and there are no additional charges in Dubai and all parts of the United Arab Emirates.

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We are happy to serve you throughout the United Arab Emirates.


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Frequently asked questions

What Is Artificial Grass?

It’s synthetic grass that anyone can install in indoor and outdoor areas without any mess. The quality and appearance of the fake grass are just like natural grass.

Where Can I Buy Artificial Grass?

You can visit the online store at and check the available options. Here you can get all the information regarding price, quality, and installation service, etc.

How Much Time Will It Take for Installation?

The artificial grass is easy to install, and it will never take a long time to process.

Which Surface Is Best for Artificial Grass?

Surprisingly, artificial or synthetic or fake grass can be installed on any surface. There is no need to prepare a specific surface for it.

Is Artificial Grass Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, it can keep the environment dust-free and clean. It is easy to maintain the grass without putting in the extra effort.


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